Room for Improvement in California's Emergency Prep

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 24, 2005

State officials say California’s ahead of the game when it comes to disaster preparedness given the fires, floods and more that hit in the state… But all noted areas to improve.  

The President of the California Police Chiefs Association Bill Brown presented a list of local law enforcement needs that ranged from budget funding to money for training. He also included areas of necessary planning. 

 “In our view statewide and regional evacuation planning is generally lacking but absolutely necessary there must be more work done for likely scenarios throughout California.” 

But the problems that erupted in the Gulf States with Hurricane Katrina were brought up time and again during the legislative hearing.  

All of the first responder agencies who spoke mentioned the need to continue educating the public to be ready to take care of themselves with emergency supplies and first aid training.  

Two more legislative hearings on the subject will be held in San Diego and San Francisco later this year.