Online Campaign Disclosure Faces Review

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 24, 2005

California’s Secretary of State Bruce McPherson (mick-FUR-sun) has appointed a task force to look at the state’s electronic filing system used to disclose campaign finance information. 

McPherson says e-filing systems in place too closely resemble the old paper forms and should be streamlined—to benefit not only campaign watchers but those who disclose as well. 

“That we can find some way that’s more understandable to not only the voters to keep track of who’s giving to whom but also to the candidates so they know it’s clearer to them when they have to file and what information they have to put on their filing reports. Because it’s different for different committees and I think we should have it common practice.”

McPherson has appointed more than a dozen people to the task force and wants a report by the first of next year.