Bat Experts Meet In Sacramento

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, October 21, 2005

Members of the North American Symposium on Bat Rersearch are meeting for their annual conference. Sacramento State biologist Winston Lancaster is hosting the event. He says 16 bat species live in the Sacramento area. 

"Bats live in a variety of places. Some of the bats roost in trees but also many people in the region have heard about the bats that roost under the Yolo Causeway Bridge and that bat - the Mexican free-tail bat – can live in colonies of tens of thousands." 

Lancaster says bats are great for agriculture in the area because they consume enormous amounts of insects that farmers would otherwise have to kill with pesticides. The 4 day symposium ends Saturday with a workshop on the “Bats of California”. It’ll be at the Capitol Plaza Holiday Inn.