Memorial For Ceres Police Officer

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(Ceres, CA)
Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sergeant Howard Stevenson was shot to death in January while responding to a report of a man armed with a high-powered rifle. Stephenson was the first law enforcement officer in the city's history to be killed while on duty.
About five months ago the Ceres community decided to build a memorial. Supporters hoped to raise 25 thousand dollars in private donations.

"We just exceed that goal of around 28 thousand dollars."

Doug Lemcke, the city parks director is spearing the campaign. Lemcke says the memorial will be located in a planned park overlooking the Tuolumne River in Stanislaus County.

"The actual memorial plaque will be made of granite rock and it will say national wildlife grove in memory of Howard Stepvnson."

The city council is expected to pass a resolution prohibiting the name of any other officers to be added to the memorial. No specific date has yet been set for the dedication, but Lemcke says he expects the ceremony to take place next March.