More Funding Sought for the State's Political Watchdog

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 17, 2005

The Fair Political Practices Commission is going first to the state Department of Finance for a budget increase for next year of more than a-million dollars. Chairwoman Liane Randolph explains it investigates violations of complex campaign laws.    

“There are hundreds of elections at the local level that we get complaints about but we also have a fairly significant complaint load on the state level and those have increased.”
Randolph says the agency receives about eight hundred complaints a year, and has an enforcement staff of about twenty people. Because of high staff turnover and high caseload, the agency’s had to drop more than two-hundred cases.

A spokesman for the state Department of Finance says the funding request is being considered.  If that’s not successful, Randolph says the agency will seek the increase from the state legislature.