Rail Supporters Rallying for Federal Amtrak Funding

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, October 14, 2005

Members of local rail agencies from around the state came to the Capitol to thank two lawmakers—a Democrat and a Republican—for their efforts to encourage continued federal funding for Amtrak.  Supporters say Congress has proposed more than one-billion dollars in funding but the Bush Administration has proposed eliminating money for the train service.

Jackie Bacharach with the Southern California Rail Agency says contrary to what some may believe, rail travel has caught on in the car culture, and disputes the idea that Amtrak should be self-supporting. 

 “If we didn’t have that service, we’d need how many more lanes of freeway?  So it’s part of the system and should be treated as part of the system.”

The two Assemblymen issued a joint resolution that was approved by both houses of the state legislature to urge Congress and the Bush Administration to continue supporting Amtrak.