Jessica's Law Signature Drive Launched and Questioned

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 13, 2005

Republican Assemblywoman Sharon Runner and her husband, State Senator George Runner are launching the signature drive to place Jessica’s Law on the November, 2006 statewide ballot. It’s modeled after a Florida law, and among other things, would require convicted sex offenders to wear satellite monitoring devices for life. George Runner says that will ultimately prevent crimes. 

“The individual who’s wearing the G-P-S knows that everybody knows where they are, and we believe that’s a deterrent.” 

Some Democrats and a victims’ rights volunteer are questioning the timing of this signature drive’s announcement and whether it’s politically motivated to enhance the Governor’s image as he pushes for his November special election ballot initiatives.

Schwarzenegger sponsored the legislation that was introduced toward the end of this year’s session. It was not heard in committee. Runner says lawmakers could still act on the bills early next year.