Urging "No" Votes and Encouraging Voter Turn Out a Fine Line

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Opponents of the Governor’s initiatives in the November special election are taking different approaches in their messages to Californians. Members of the California Nurses Association are urging a simple “vote no.”  At the same time, Democratic campaign consultant Gale Kaufman with the Alliance for a Better California says their message is more distinct as to why voters should reject each of the Governor’s initiatives. 

 “We’d like to think that we are taking voters at their word and respecting them enough to spend time and effort differentiating among the different initiatives.” 

But both have spent time emphasizing the costs of election, and polls that show it isn’t popular.  Sacramento State Communications professor Barbara O’Connor says care must be taken not to discourage voters from turning out. 

“Because historically in low voter years, it favors the Republicans.” 

According to O’Connor absentee ballots will be crucial to the outcome of this election. She says opponents and supporters of the Governor’s initiatives will be working hard to make sure those voters take part.