Plan To End Homelessness Nearly Complete

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The plan takes a progressive approach toward tackling homelessness.

"A lot of times our expectations of these individuals is ‘get your act together, get off the street.'"

Task force member Ryan Loofbourrow with the Downtown Sacramento Partnership business organization says the plan is designed to get homeless people into a safe environment and then help them with supportive services.

"It’s hard to stop feeling the effects of a mental illness when you don’t have medication and you’re on the street. It makes more sense to get them into a housing situation and then bring the services to them."

Homeless advocate Joan Burke of Loaves and Fishes says similar programs have been successful in other cities around the country.

"It’s called Housing First. It’s been done in many other communities such as Philadelphia and San Francisco."  

The plan is scheduled to go before the Sacramento County and Cities Board on Homelessness early next month.