Light Rail Expands To Folsom

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(Folsom, CA)
Monday, October 10, 2005

The 7.4 mile extension, which runs adjacent to Highway 50 from Sunrise Boulevard to Historic Downtown Folsom, is a long time in coming.

"Well this is huge. The timing for this couldn’t be better."

Folsom Mayor Steve Miklos says it’s taken over a decade to finish the expansion to Folsom.

"I’ve been on this project for almost 11 years so it’s nice to finally see it happening."

Plans to bring light rail to Folsom actually started in the late ‘80s and RT’s General Manager Beverly Scott says she wishes they could have finished the job earlier.

"Oh absolutely. I would love to be able to have us be in a position where we can expand more quickly than we are. We’ve been very successful on the federal end but you can only leverage federal dollars to the extent that you have the local funding."

Scott says RT is trying to keep up with all the growth in the Sacramento area. The Folsom extension adds four new stations and is expected to add about 4,000 passengers a day to the RT system. The new line opens this Saturday.