Sacramento Expands Water Treatment Plant

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, October 7, 2005

The city is holding an open house at its newly expanded E.A. Fairbairn Water Treatment Plant on College Town Drive.

Plant superintendent Kathy Mullen says upgrades to the 44-year-old facility will improve plant performance and reliability. "All of our treatment process can be monitored by computers now. It’s a much more sophisticated process. We know much more about what’s going on. We have much greater control."

This facility, which diverts water from the American River, provides about half of the drinking water to Sacramento. The recent expansion doubled the plant’s water capacity to 200-Million gallons a day. And Mullen says they’ve added more protections including security cameras. "Those cameras are controllable so that we can move them around, up down and around and see anything we need to see."

And in a time when more people are choosing to buy bottled drinking water, Mullen says she still drinks from the tap. "You bet I drink my own water. Sometimes tap water can get a little taste from the pipes in your home. If you don’t like that, drink bottled water, be my guest. But the tap water we provide you is safe."

Saturday's open house runs from 10 AM to 2 PM with a dedication ceremony at noon.