Groups Aim for Minimum Wage Increase on Ballot

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 6, 2005

A coalition of groups, including Green Party members, has announced its intention to place a measure to raise the minimum wage on the November, 2006 ballot.  Pat Driscoll with Californians for Fair Wages says the organization will submit two versions of ballot language for approval—then do polling to see which the public would favor. 

“So we’re looking to see what the voters are likely to approve and also what will spark action on the part of activists across the state.” 

One of the measures would raise the minimum wage a dollar over two years, the other would increase the wage two dollars over three years, from the current six-dollars and seventy-five cents an hour. 

Both would also include provisions for future, automatic increases.Governor Schwarzenegger noted his objection to such automatic raises in his veto message of this year’s legislation.