Art Gallery Opens In Lodi

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(Lodi, CA)
Thursday, October 6, 2005

Long time art collectors Robin Knowlton and her husband Stefan Sekula decided to open the 12-hundred square foot gallery on the second floor of the old Woolworth's building in Lodi after Robin recently lost her public relations job.
Knowlton says the two believe they can succeed because of the quality of various forms of art in the region.

"When my husband and I went to look at art as we often do on the weekends, we were amazed at the talent in the Central Valley."

Gil Dellinger, a retired University of the Pacific professor and a nationally known landscape painter says the couple has created an excellent venue for artists to display their work.

"It gives emerging artists something to reach for. It gives the artists who are successful and maybe successful outside the area, some place to display their work here."

Lodi now has three art galleries.