Students From Gulf Enroll At Local Schools

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(Elk Grove, CA)
Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The crowded Elk Grove Unified School District has found room for dozens of students who have fled the Gulf Coast according to spokesman Jim Elliott.

"At last count we've had 42 students enroll in our district.
Elliott says most of the students are adapting well to their new school.
But that's not the case everywhere."

Michael Lyons of the Stockton Unified District says some of the nine students from families of evacuees are finding the transition daunting. 

"They got to get used to a new curriculum, new surrounding, new way of learning and at the same time they going through a transition in terms of housing, and some stressful events in their personal life."

In both Elk Grove and Stockton local agencies and businesses are providing the students with clothes and school materials.

A spokeswoman for the California Department of Education says statewide about 500 students from the Gulf have been enrolled, but at this time they don't know how many school-aged evacuees are in the state.