Bill Would Reimburse Counties For Elections

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 26, 2005

The special election to fill the vacancy left when Congressman Robert Matsui passed away cost Sacramento County an estimated $1 Million.

The county’s Registrar of Voters – Jill LaVine – says special elections stretch resources. "It was unexpected. We had to borrow money from the general fund and when we do that then somebody else gets cut."

The bill’s author – state Assemblyman Dave Jones – says special elections are hurting county programs all over California. "These are local tax payer dollars that would otherwise be spent on important health or education or transportation or law enforcement programs."

Jones’ bill restores a prior state law that expired last year requiring the state to reimburse counties for special elections to fill federal and state seats.

The governor has until October 9th to either sign or veto the bill.