Dining Finds: Binging on Broadway's Ethnic Restaurants

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Broadway Bistro Binge is comprised of mostly Land Park dwellers who also work together at the Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District.
Justice Rick Sims and Linda Wallihan
Justice Art Scotland (presiding) and Sue Scotland
Justice Harry Hull and Karen Hull
Justice Kathy Butz and Leonard Berardi
Justice Ron Robie and Lynn Robie
Select Broadway Bingers' Restaurants:

Jamie’s Bar and Grill              427 Broadway                     442-4044
Hong Kong Café                     501 Broadway                     442-7963
Inferno Pizza                          2424 16th Street                    443-8343
Pancake Circus                    21st and Broadway                452-3322
Los Jarritos                            2509 Broadway                     455-7911
New Canton                           2523 Broadway                     739-8888
Dim Sum House                    2631 Broadway                     456-6688
Thai Spice                             2721 Broadway                     455-9580
Golden Dragon                      2800 Broadway                     451-3888
Kathmandu Kitchen              1720 Broadway                     441-2172
Joe Marty’s                            1500 Broadway                     448-7062  (temp. closed)
Off Broadway
Riverside Clubhouse            2633 Riverside Blvd.            448-9988
Trail’s Restaurant                  2530 21st Street                    456-9811

Bali Wine Bar and Grill         2416 18th Street                    444-1247