Bill Would Add Sacramento Rep To Air Board

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 22, 2005

The bi-partisan legislation would add a Sacramento area representative to the 11-member California Air Resources Board. A group of local air quality and business groups are urging the governor to sign it.

Dave Butler with the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce says having a Sacramento board member would ultimately help improve the quality of life as well as impacting the bottom line of businesses. "If we don’t meet our federal air quality standards, the air quality management district, one of the levers they have at their disposal is the ability to regulate operations of individual businesses. They have to clamp down on the operations of individual businesses with related fees so it’s going to increase the cost of business if we don’t meet federal and state air quality standards."

He says having a local representative on the board would help the region more aggressively reduce the number one source of bad air quality: motor vehicle emissions.

The governor has until October 9th to either sign or veto the bill.