FBI Encourages Vigilance On September 11th Anniversary

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, September 9, 2005

"We have no information leading us to believe there will be an attack during this anniversary."

Still, Special Agent in Charge Drew Parenti says people should be observant. "And we ask them to contact us should they observe behavior or circumstances that they think are suspicious."

Meantime, the investigation into an alleged al-Qaida terror cell in Lodi continues. He can’t comment since it’s ongoing. But Parenti, who was assigned to head the Sacramento Field Office in June – says one of his priorities is to keep the lines of communication open between his office and the local Muslim community.

"What I have learned is they feel that they’re being unfairly trageted and I can understand their perspective. It’s just important that I continue to listen to their concerns and try to keep the dialogue open."

Parenti says the FBI does not target groups based on race, religion or ethnicity.