Volunteers Needed At Local Katrina Shelter

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Officials say they’ll need about 400 volunteers.

"We are always looking for more trained volunteers." Julie Van Doren, CEO of the Sacramento-Sierra Chapter of the American Red Cross, says volunteers will serve on three week assignments. "We have been doing extensive training of local people in a 9-hour Red Cross disaster kind of one-on-one course. We have continued to book those through this week and are looking for people who can both help locally with whatever the needs are here as well as to be deployed to the region."

She says volunteers must be have compassion and respect for the disaster victims. "There is nothing better than wherever we open this shelter to have excited volunteers who are ready with open arms to accept these evacuees."

Van Doren says they also need blood donations.

Leslie Botos with the local blood bank – Bloodsource – says donors should call first. "What we need is for people to call, schedule an appointment, schedule to book a blood drive and not just today or tomorrow but over the next many months." 

Botos says they’ve seen an increase in blood donations since the hurricane hit but emphasizes the long-term need for donors.