Governor Praises Californians Aiding Hurricane Victims

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 7, 2005


Schwarzenegger visited the Sacramento headquarters of the Salvation Army to express his appreciation.  He spoke at a loading dock where boxes of food, clothing, and school supplies were being assembled. "This is what’s so great.  And when you think about the kind of blood that is being donated, the kind of money that is being raised so everyone is coming together.  And when you’re governor, these are the moments when you feel rally proud to be governor of California."

  Organizers said five hundred to six hundred boxes were being prepared each day for shipment by truck to the Gulf Coast region.

Asked about the ongoing threat of flooding in California, Schwarzenegger said vulnerable levees, which protect hundreds of thousands of people near rivers and along the Delta, should be fixed now, even if it means committing funds the state does not have.