First Day Of Classes At UC Merced

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(Merced, CA)
Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Most of the classes at U-C Merced are held in the library building, a structure that is still under construction.
Students, such as freshman Evan Costa, are just glad to be in a college classroom, and the  machinery and power tools are only a minor nuisance.

"Even when I was just touring the place, the construction work didn't bother me at all."

Some classrooms have public address systems to help professors deliver lectures over the din of the construction. But Doctor Jeff Wright, the Dean of the School of Engineering says in one class the lecture had to be delivered the old fashion way.

"The speakers had arrived and the microphone had arrived, but there was no amplifier. So the faculty just taught the course anyway."

Wright says faculty and students are well aware that continual construction is and will continue to be a part of campus life.