Staff Shakeup in Governor's Office?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Rumors are circulating at the Capitol that the governor’s Chief of Staff, Pat Clarey and Communications Director Rob Stutzman will leave their state paid positions and move over to similar positions in the Governor’s campaign organization.  Neither the governor, Clarey, Stutzman, nor the governor’s press office would comment for the record.  Republicans Assemblyman Rick Keene of Chico said he had not heard other rumors that Clarey and Stutzman were in trouble with the governor. "I haven’t heard any of that.  I think what it is that folks made a commitment to stay there for a year.  Many of them extended it a little bit beyond that, a year and a half or two years.  And that’s really, I think, about as much as someone’s private life can take.  So I think this is pretty much normal"
 Governor Schwarzenegger is also reportedly about to announce that he will run for re-election next year.  Such a move could placate nervous Republicans who worry that without Schwarzenegger they would have no chance of keeping control of the governor’s office for another four years.