More Rangers Watching Parkway This Weekend

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 1, 2005

County officials say July 4th was a stunning setback for the parkway.

"Ended up just being a drunken party. A lot of trash left along the bank, in the river. A lot of people very intoxicated, fights, just a lot of problems. It cost us about $10,000 to do the cleanup after the fact."

Chief Ranger Dave Lydick says as a result, on Labor Day they’ll be increasing the number of park rangers on duty from 8 to 12 and bringing in seven Rancho Cordova police officers to help enforce alcohol laws.

"Rafting-wise there’s quite a few people coming down and that’s the group that we’re concerned about with the partying, the fights, the alcohol and the littering."

And American River Parkway Foundation executive director Ann-Marie Vincent says they’ll have about 100 volunteers handing out trash bags to parkway visitors.

"Pack It In, Pack It Out is our motto. There’s really no excuse to litter out there but we’re going to be out there and make it a little easier on people."

If you plan on spending Labor Day at the American River Parkway you should bring an extra dollar. The county is raising day-use fees from $4 to $5 to help cover costs for cleanup and additional staffing.