Sacramento Fire Chiefs Help Plan Hurricane Relief

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 29, 2005

Sacramento Fire Department spokesman Niko King says two fire chiefs are part of an advance team sent to evaluate conditions.

"Chief Rick Martinez who’s been on incidents like the Pentagon, like Oklahoma City – he’s been sent out there to work with the local resources and start to evaluate all the emergency needs that they might have. We also have Chief Ed Vasquez who’s a specialist in hazardous materials. He’s going to start seeing how federal assets could come into play with the local resources."

So far, Menlo Park search and rescue teams are the only California emergency workers put on standby but King says local search and rescue teams are set to go if they get the call. "We’re ready. We know that there’s a possibility that even a partial deployment might be activated. Everyone’s anxious. This is what we train for everyday. There’s a high probability that we’re going to get activated maybe within the next few weeks just as additional resources if this ends up being a long term event."

The Sacramento urban search and rescue team – also known as California Task Force 7 – was one of the first teams activated and deployed after the September 11th terror attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing.