College Drinking Targeted

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 29, 2005

 But campus officials want students to know they’re clamping down on problem drinking.

A recent survey by the National College Health Assessment found that most Sacramento State students – 71% – drink moderately or not at all.

“Here on this campus I think we’re fortunate, the incidents aren’t as high.” University President Alexander Gonzalez says even though they have less of a problem than other campuses, Sacramento State students are not immune to high-risk drinking. “What we’re focusing on more than anything I think is social norms.”

Along with an outreach campaign promoting responsible partying, students can expect to see more law enforcement patrolling the streets around campus.

City Police Chief Albert Najera says they’ll be enforcing DUI laws. “If we can prevent one accidental death we’re going to be money ahead with this program.”

Local law enforcement agencies will also coordinate efforts to prevent underage drinking with more decoy operations at nearby stores that sell alcohol.