Banks Foil Robbers

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(Stockton, CA)
Monday, August 29, 2005

Bank robbers don't usually get away with a satchel full of money as portrayed in the movies. A spokeswoman for the F-B-I says the average amount lost during a robbery is between three thousand and five thousand dollars.

Garry Barnes, a leading security consultant in California, says as the number of robberies increases, banks making it more difficult for the thieves to can get their hands on large amounts of cash.

"The tellers are constantly managed to keep the total cash in their respective areas at an absolute minimum."
Barnes says tellers have also been trained to conduct themselves in such a manner so as to minimize the potential for violence.
He offers this advice for anyone who is in the vicinity of a robbery.

"The customer and the employees should do exactly what they're told to do. They shouldn't attempt to resist at all."

One branch manager says employees are constantly reminded that during an incident, the safety of everyone, including the robber, is paramount.