Cedillo's Driver's License Bill Moves Forward

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 25, 2005

Without fanfare, the Assembly Appropriations committee approved Democratic Senator Gill Cedillo’s S-B 60, the latest version of his seven-year quest to give undocumented immigrants the legal right to drive in California.  Cedillo says he’s confident the bill will go to Governor Schwarzenegger’s desk in the next few weeks.  He hopes the governor will sign it. "He should honor his word.  We’ve given him everything he’s asked for. It’ll make America more safe.  It’ll make our highways more secure.  And it’ll honor his, and our, collective immigrant heritage."
 Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar drivers license bill last year.
Republican Senator Tom McClintock says Cedillo’s argument that
California must conform to the new federal Real I-D Act is not accurate. "Federal law does not require the states to extend drivers licenses to illegal aliens.  In fact, other provisions of federal law require that illegal aliens be deported."  The next step for the driver’s license bill is the Assembly floor.