Governor, Top Lawmakers Meet in Final Weeks of Session

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Legislative leaders emerged from a meeting with the Governor saying the tone was positive. However for a transportation bond measure pushed by Don Perata, the Democratic head of the state Senate, the outlook for this year isn’t so rosy.   Republican Senate leader Dick Ackerman says there just aren’t enough votes. 

 “It required more time,  there were many different issues in that in addition to money and that’s why we’re going to spend some time and look at it for next year.”
Senator Perata says funding for transportation projects will have priority next year, but agrees his current measure has run out of time. 

“It really is the Governor’s office responsibility to come up with an infrastructure plan and so we’re going to work together and I thought that was progress.” 

As for pending legislation, Republican lawmakers say certain bills were discussed.  Democrats say they also brought up the issue of the November special election again—telling the Governor it’s a bad idea.