Extradition Sought For L A Cop Killer

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The G-O-P legislators say Mexican President Vicente Fox is protecting
 the killer of a Los Angeles policeman.
The officer’s widow, Teri March, said the alleged killer, Armando Garcia, should face U S justice. "I cannot imagine that no one without any heart can look at this problem, look at the monster that this man is, and not believe that justice is long overdue."
 Speaker Nunez – a Democrat - says he does plan to raise the issue with the Mexican president. "Oh, that’s part of my discussions. (with Fox?) Absolutely. Absolutely.  I’m surprised that they haven’t brought it up yet.  But that’s something we’re not talking a whole lot about.  So. But make no mistake, it’s on our agenda."  Nunez is set to fly to Mexico City Thursday afternoon.