Speaker Nunez Outlines Mexico Trip

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nunez says Governor Schwarzenegger has soured relations with Mexico, with his praise for the border Minutemen and his statement that the border should be closed – a statement the governor insists was a slip of the tongue.  Speaker Nunez says he can make things better. "We feel really good that in this short, two and a half day trip, we will have an opportunity to mend our ties with California’s number one trading partner, which is Mexico."
 Nunez will meet with Mexican President Vicente Fox and the Mexican Foreign Minister.  Governor Schwarzenegger's spokesman Vincent Sollitto says Nunez’s analysis is wrong, but Nunez’s effort is appreciated. "There’ nothing to mend here, we’re doin’ great."
  Sollitto says the governor is considering declaring a state of emergency along the California border, something Nunez says he would favor.