Parking Shortage At Sacramento State

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The recent start of construction on a new parking garage near the university’s stadium puts about 800 parking spaces are out of commission.

"Parking is going to be much more difficult." Campus spokesman Frank Whitlatch says the parking shortage won’t go away any time soon. And he says they’re warning nearby residents that the traffic issues may affect their neighborhoods. "Probably some of that traffic will flow out into their streets as well." 

Felice Crandall is a staff member who works at the College of Continuing Education and parks in a lot that handles both staff and student traffic. She’s not looking forward to next Monday. "Scary, scary because I’m afraid that I won’t find parking."

Judith Hester is a student majoring in child development. She drives to the campus from Orangevale but says the parking situation has her thinking about mass transit. "I think probably a lot of people are going to stop driving and have to commute in some other way."

And campus spokesman Whitlatch says that’s just fine with them. "We’re really hoping that students and faculty and staff will look at commute options."

The new parking garage will add over 3,000 new spaces but won’t be ready until the spring of 2007.