New Rules For Sacramento Massage Parlors

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 23, 2005

 While the majority of massage establishments are legitimate, the county’s business license manager Guy Fuson says they’ve seen a growing number of prostitution rings at parlors. “The county’s had issues with businesses that claim to be offering massage when they’re actually offering illicit activities.”

The new rules focus on massage establishments and not massage practitioners who make house calls. “What’s most onerous to the community are storefront operations where the surrounding businesses, surrounding residences all know what’s going on.”

Massage parlors will now have to follow specific operating procedures and workers will have to be licensed.

Fuson says the old laws didn’t do much to stop illegal activity from starting up in the first place. “We’re hoping to prevent some of these illicit businesses from even opening up. For one it increases the requirements to get into the business in terms of proving that you actually are a professional massage person.”

The county’s new operating requirements go into effect on Friday.