Changes Planned For Restaurant Inspections

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 22, 2005

Sacramento County health officials are considering a color code system.

Environmental Health Division chief Richard Sanchez says rather than letter grades which are common in other counties, local food inspectors would use the colors green for safe, yellow for caution and red for closed. “We decided to go with the color coding because it doesn’t have any aspect of scoring to it. With the green placard what we’re saying is it’s a safe place to eat. We’re not giving any judgment as to it’s an A – excellent type facility. We’re just saying they met the requirements to serve food safely in Sacramento County.”

Restaurants are currently inspected twice a year while supermarkets only get checked once annually. Sanchez says that may soon change as well. “The old style market of just packaged foods pretty much isn’t the new style market nowadays where there’s a lot of food preparation. So we’re looking at potentially increasing oversight of market facilities.”

The proposals will be discussed at a workshop Monday at 2 PM at the County Supervisor’s Chambers in Downtown Sacramento.