RH Phillips Settles Harassment Suit

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 18, 2005

The RH Phillips winery is paying $180,000 dollars to four female plaintiffs who alleged that a supervisor denied them breaks, sanitary restrooms and clean drinking water.

Speaking through an interpreter, plaintiff Amelia Alcauter says they’re glad their fight is over. "But we are very hurt due to what has happened to us and maybe due to our pain it has made us strong to get up and struggle."

Winery officials deny the allegations. RH Phillips’ attorney Samuel McAdam says they’re only settling to avoid costly litigation. "The settlement amount is less than it would cost the company to continue to litigate this case through a trial so we’re real pleased that the case is settled and we deny all the allegations."

RH Phillips employs about 400 field workers at its vineyards north of Esparto.