Airport Cab Service Under Fire

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Under the agreement, only members of the Independent Taxi Owners Association can pick up fares at the airport. Other cab drivers, like Nirup Dave, can drop off passengers but they can’t solicit business.

Dave says the current deal is unfair and leaving some passengers stranded. "We drop off people but we cannot line up there and pick them up because then you’ve got the airport security coming down on us telling the customers that they cannot take our cab so you’ve got people waiting out there for a long time just for a cab."

But airport spokeswoman Cheryl Marcell says the current contract is the best way to keep quality control in check. "We had sort of an open free for all environment and customer service was lacking so one of the ways by which to address that is to award one contract with specific standards."

The current cab service agreement expires in November. Sacramento County supervisors are set to discuss a new contract next month.