Senate Leader Says No Deal Likely With Governor

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 15, 2005

Senate President Pro-Tem Don Perata says it will be up to voters to decide the measures that are already on the November special election ballot.  He says negotiations between Democratic legislative leaders and Governor Schwarzenegger to reach compromise have gone nowhere. 

 “We have been asked repeatedly to negotiate something that was put on the ballot and that became the template.” 

Republican Senate leader Dick Ackerman agrees the time has come and gone for deals on the measures that include one that would give the Governor power to cut spending mid-year. 

 “There were some ideas floated out there that we were unable to get an agreement, so I think we just go forward with a special election.” 

The Secretary of State has said any compromise ballot initiatives should be ready by this week to avoid deadline problems with printing and with the mailing of overseas ballots. 

A spokeswoman for Schwarzenegger says the Governor will not accept a defeatist attitude and that conversations on the initiatives are continuing.