Anti-War Activist Travels To Texas

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(Tracy, CA)
Monday, August 15, 2005

Nadia McCaffrey made news last June when she invited reporters and photographers to the Sacramento airport when her son's casket arrived from Iraq. The invitation was contrary to Pentagon Policy. Since the death of Sergeant Patrick McCaffrey, Nadia has been traveling the world denouncing the war.

She says she's going to Texas to demonstrate her support for Cindy Sheehan, who also had a son killed in Iraq. Sheehan has been camped outside President Bush's ranch for a week and a half in hopes of meeting with him. McCaffrey is hopeful that she and Sheehan will get an opportunity to ask the President to bring the troops home from Iraq.

"This cannot go for much longer. I mean the devastation of this war is becoming huge on both sides. And it's enough."

President Bush has expressed sympathy for Sheehan, but has declined to meet with her at his ranch. The President says it would be a mistake to withdraw from Iraq at this time.