Legislature Back At Capitol On Monday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, August 12, 2005

Sacramento political analyst Tony Quinn says the focus in the next few weeks will be the November special election.  Quinn thinks legislative leaders and Governor Schwarzenegger may aim at coming up with a compromise set of proposals and a rescheduling of the election. "They could really cancel this special election up until the first or second week of September. Until people have actually cast absentee ballots, there really is no reason that the election cannot be canceled."
 The Assembly Democrats’ spokesman Steve Maviglio says Democratic lawmakers expect to pass a number of progressive bills that will put the governor on the spot.
 "He’s gonna be in an odd place before a special election to have to veto some bills that are looked upon very favorably by most Californians."
 Maviglio says the Democrats will push in the final weeks of session to raise the minimum wage, pass prescription drug legislation, and boost funding for the schools.