New Multimedia Campaign Against Child Obesity

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 11, 2005

One of the two new TV ads spotlights the problem as teachers see it. “I have five fourth graders that are obese.  It’s ruining their health. And nobody acts like anything is wrong.”
 The six week ad campaign will also include radio spots, billboards, and a grassroots effort to reach lower income parents.
Sue Foerster, chief of nutrition with the state Health Department, says there are definitely socioeconomic factors that contribute to one third of preteens being overweight. "There’s absolutely a social class difference and an ethnic difference.  And that is in very much in large part due to the food and physical activity environments that low income families find themselves in."
 Foerester says the new ad campaign is part of a planned three year state effort to curb obesity.  Next month will see a state obesity summit sponsored by Governor Schwarzenegger.