State To Reimburse For Peterson Probe & Trial

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The city spent one-point three million dollars investigating Peterson. The county spent one-point eight million to try and convict the man who murdered his pregnant wife, Laci.

California Controller Steve Westly says it won't be difficult to reimburse the county with state money from a special fund set up to help with expensive murder cases. But Westly spokesman Russ Lopez says city expenses are not covered by the fund.

"We're having to try to find an innovative way where we can still support the city of Modesto in the cost incurred but yet still follow the letter of the law. So right now our legal team is looking into this."

Modesto and Stanislaus County officials say having to pay out of pocket for the investigation and trial has put them in a financial pinch.

Lopez says the controller isn't sure when a check can be cut, but the evaluation of the reimbursement request is a priority. Meanwhile Peterson is on death row awaiting execution.