Hybrids in the Carpool Lane Still Uncertain

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 9, 2005

State officials say they need federal approval for a California law that would allow solo drivers of hybrid vehicles to use the carpool lane. But despite passage of the federal transportation bill, Spokeswoman Gennett Paauwe with the California Air Resources Board says it’s still unclear how the federal law will work with California’s stricter limits on the types of hybrid vehicles allowed in the lanes. 

“The state would like to go forward in using our more prescriptive law than the federal government has put forth in the transportation bill as we’ve seen it. So our attorneys were trying to determine how the federal bill and the state bill will mesh together and lay out the program for the motorist.” 

Once the state law is given the green light, there will be 75-thousand stickers released, allowing those hybrid vehicle owners to use the carpool lanes.