CTA Lawsuit Demands Billions More For Schools

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 9, 2005

At a Sacramento school, C-T-A Vice President David Sanchez said Schwarzenegger initialed an agreement with the education coalition 19 months ago, an agreement that was then approved by the legislature.  "The governor hasn’t just broken a promise, he’s broken the law."
 The plaintiffs say the agreement let the state suspend the Prop 98 school funding guarantee and provide two billion dollars less to schools, but with the promise of a big increase if state revenues grew dramatically, as they did.  Governor’s spokesman H.D. Palmer says Schwarzenegger should get credit for going beyond Prop 98’s requirement in this year’s budget. "The person who actually saved school funding from being shortchanged by its own formula this year is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger."
 The lawsuit against Schwarzenegger was filed in Sacramento Superior Court and may go to trial in three or four months.