Car Pool Lane Expected To Help Commuters

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(Alameda County, CA)
Thursday, August 4, 2005

With some 200 thousand vehicles using the route daily, it's one of the most congested areas in California. The state plans to build a new eleven-mile, east-bound carpool lane in Alameda County.

Officials don't know how many vehicles will use the additional lane but Jean Hart of the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency says the hope is that the 75 million dollar project will get more people to rideshare.

"We are anticipating that because of the congestion in that corridor that it will encourage people to both carpool as well as use transit."
Carpool lane opponents argue that fewer than one in ten vehicles contain multiple passengers and transportation funds would be better spent constructing additional lanes for all vehicles. Others are concerned that driver-only hybrid vehicles could be clogging car pool lanes in the future.