New Initiative Targets Political Contributions by Corporations

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 3, 2005

The Alliance for a Better California is already fighting a measure on the November special election ballot requiring unions to get consent from members before making political contributions.  Now the union-backed Alliance is turning it around, sponsoring an initiative that would prevent corporations from making political contributions without shareholders’ prior consent.  Spokeswoman Robin Swanson says it’s a matter of leveling the playing field. 

 “People don’t necessarily agree when they buy stock in a company that that company should be spending money on political processes.” 

The Alliance is preparing to gather signatures for its measure, which it hopes will appear on the June ballot. 

Meanwhile, the backer of the initiative aimed at union political contributions is Lew Uhler.  He says he’ll continue to concentrate on efforts to pass his measure -- Proposition 75 -- to cure what he calls a long-time ill in the political system.