Northern Caliifornia Islamic Organizations Endorse Nationwide Ruling

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 1, 2005

Northern California and statewide Islamic groups say they are supporting the “Fatwa” issued by religious scholars last week, stating American Muslims’ opposition to terrorism and extremism.  The Council on American-Islamic Relations has also produced radio and television public service announcements.

 Irfan Haq represents the Council of Sacramento Valley Islamic Organizations. He says he hopes the message will calm tensions that in some cases have led to hate crimes against American Muslims. 

 “So we hope that this statement will reduce those things and it will take the message to the larger American community, that Muslims have openly, clearly, unambiguously come out against all forms of violence, have condemned terrorism.”
Representatives from Islamic organizations call the fatwas issued recently in the U-S and Europe milestones, in that religious leaders from around the world are speaking with one voice.