Homeless Feel The Heat

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 1, 2005

Normally, the homeless are only allowed to stay indoors during the night but Cruz Guzman, director of the Salvation Army’s North B Street shelter, says they bend the rules when it gets too hot. "We encourage our clients to go out and maybe look for permanent housing or look for employment but those who request to stay indoors because of the heat, we allow them to stay indoors."

Guzman says they could use donations of bottled water as the need continues to rise with the heat. At the nearby Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen, director Tim Brown says they could use donated hats. "We see a lot of really bad sunburns especially on faces and tops of heads so we can always use hats of various kinds."

Loaves and Fishes is giving out water bottles to people that drop in but Brown says lately it’s been too hot for many homeless people to make the trek to their dining room. "People are lucky if they can make it down to Loaves and Fishes, there’s some water and nutrition and stuff, it’s the folks who are kind of farther out there who don’t have access to services that I worry about."

He says the people that don’t make it run the risk of dehydration.