State says Diebold Voting Machine Failed Test

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(Stockton, CA)
Friday, July 29, 2005

San Diego, Kern and San Joaquin Counties all purchased Diebold's TSX touch screen system. According to the Secretary of State, extensive tests have found unacceptable levels of paper jams and screen freezes. 

San Joaquin County Registrar Deborah Hench participated in the tests. She says the decision is not a surprise. 

"Diebold, the counties that participated and the state all agreed that we don't a ten percent possibility of paper jams. "

For the special election in November, Hench says she'll combine precincts and borrow about 100 optical scan voting machines from Diebold.

"We will consolidate and then we'll put the optical scan units, we'll at least have one in each location."

San Joaquin County purchased 16-hundred touch screen machines from Diebold for about five million dollars. They're being stored in a Stockton warehouse. 

County election officials don't know if they'll ever be used, so they've suspended payments to Diebold. The Ohio-based company says it's working to eliminate problems in the machines.