There's A Waiting List For Air Conditioner Repairs

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(Modesto, CA)
Thursday, July 28, 2005

"Good Morning."
"I'm here to look at the air conditioner."

Air conditioner repairman Grant Hubbard is making one of many service calls today around the Modesto area. When the heat is on, Hubbard is the man to contact and he's ready to work 12 hour days, six or seven days a week.

"The first week that it hits a hundred we're busy for about two months after that. Just running the calls, getting the parts, going back and putting them back in."

On this call in Riverbank, Hubbard quickly determines the problem is relatively minor -- a dead insect was the reason the air conditioner wasn't cooling the house.

"Pincher bug. They're notorious for getting under the contacts."

The homeowner whose name is Nancy, is relieved the problem was solved quickly and inexpensively. She'd waited four days for Hubbard to arrive.

"I think the day I noticed it was day it was one hundred and four. So I mean, I going, is this cooling or is it hot outside?"

Daytime temperatures in the Central Valley are expected to stay in the 90s for at least another week so all air conditioning operations will have as much business as they can handle. Hubbard refers to the heat wave as "job security."