Signature Gathering Begins On Gay Marriage Ban

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 28, 2005

California voters may have thought they banned gay marriage five years ago by approving Proposition 22.  But Prop 22 was a statute, not a constitutional amendment.  Since then the push for gay marriage has grown.  In California, legislation giving registered domestic partners most of the rights of married couples was passed, signed, and approved by the courts.  Steve Hansen, a lobbyist with the group Equality California, says the proposed constitutional amendments are a high stakes attack on gay peoples’ rights. "I think it already is the national battle, which is why you see two separate coalitions trying to go to the ballot.  They’re competing against each other to be the one.  If you look at the groups behind the part of those coalitions, they’re the who’s who of the right wing."
  Backers of the each initiative must gather 600 thousand voter signatures by late December to put their measures on next year’s state ballot.