Stockton Airport Contributes To Local Economy

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(Stockton, CA)
Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The study, commissioned by San Joaquin County and conducted by the consulting firm, Applied Development Economics, says the sixty businesses and agencies that operate at the airport infuse a total of 245 million dollars a year into the economy.

Mark Plovnick of the Eberhardt School of Business at University of the Pacific says that figure matches the university's economic contribution.

"An analysis by our Business Forecasting Center was about the same. We saw the local impact of roughly the same quarter of a billion dollars in San Joaquin County."

Airport Executive Director Barry Rondinella was surprised the facility had such a significant impact because there hasn't been any commercial passenger service for nearly two years.

"This demonstrates that there's a whole lot more to an airport than just passenger air service. Things like air cargo, repair shops and engine overhaul facilities."
The airport's economic contribution could get larger. Rondinella is optimistic passenger service will return to the facility.
Agriculture contributes the most to the San Joaquin County economy. The value of the crops alone was over a billion dollars last year.